The age of personal branding

The age of personal branding

We are living in the age of personal branding. What most people don’t get is that this is not only related to solopreneurs, coaches and speakers, it is also related to companies.

Personal branding is when you put your unique personality, or the personality of your business in your marketing, giving you a big advantage over your competition.

Every business today needs to have a strong personality not only to stand out but also to create a following. We don’t need more of anything and we certainly do not talk about things that are not worth talking about.

Personal branding should broadcast a clear and unique message that would distinguish you from your competitors. It also mix company facts and traits with the human side.

In order to build your personal brand you need to answer a few questions:

1-     What do you do better and different than your competition? (price and quality is a given and don’t count here)

2-     Who is your ideal audience?

3-     What are the characteristics you want to be know for?

4-     Do you have interesting stories to tell?

5-     How are you going to tell these stories? Which channels, how often?

Here is where you can use and abuse from social media tools. Share ideas, educate and give them reasons to trust you, your products and services.. Remember, if people are not buying from you is either because the message is not clear, it is not good or they don’t trust you.

Remember that your prospects and clients don’t like to be interrupted, shouted of harass with sales pitches, so be careful not to confuse a good story with a sales pitch.

Your prospects will see you as you present yourself or your company. Respect your prospects. If you want them to trust you, you need to help them get to know you and demonstrate that you are someone who can help them solve their problems.

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