Branded Video Views Highest for Consumer Products, Electronics

Media and entertainment is the most ‘efficient’ vertical
According to 2013 data from Visible Measures, branded video ad views worldwide totaled 19.04 billion between 2009 and the end of 2013. At 8.3 billion, views last year accounted for a huge chunk of this total—nearly 44%.

Last year, 78% of user-initiated views, or 6.5 billion, came from campaigns launched in 2013, but videos from 2009 to 2012 still generated the remaining 22%, with 3.8 billion views. As Visible Measures pointed out: “The percentage of views from old campaigns is a reminder that branded video lives forever.”

Mobile continues to increase its share of digital video ad views. According to data from Ooyala, 14.8% of digital video views worldwide came from mobile phones and tablets in September 2013. This was up from 9.9% in March 2013 and just 6.4% in September 2012.
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Video Marketing For Small Businesses

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Video Marketing For Small Businesses need to be part of your marketign mix in 2014.
Here a few more facts for you:

1. 61% of business people watch videos to learn how to use a product or service. (IDG)

2. 80% of Internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they visited in the past 30 days.
Source: Online Publishers

3. 1 in 2 consumers say that YouTube videos have influenced a purchase decision.
Source: Walker Sands

4. About 57% of consumers said that product videos make them more confident in a purchase.
Source: MediaPost

5. Online retailer Bizchair saw 33% of online sales came from the 13% of site visitors who viewed video.

6. A company found that shoppers were 144% more likely to add product to cart if they viewed videos on that page.

7. 1.8 Million Words
That’s the value of one minute of video, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.

Do you have the time and energy to write 1.8 million words? That’s the equivalent of 3,600 typical web pages. If you write an average of one web page an hour, it would take you 150 days of writing to achieve the impact of one minute of video.

8. 42% of business people who watched a video purchased a product. (IDG)

9. 61% of businesses say online video is the top converter for sales. (Adobe Digital Report)

10. Videos produced for business purposes will grow in excess of 50 percent annually through at least 2015. (Interactive Media Strategies)

11. Internet Retailer reports that visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not, based on results. (Internet Retailer, April 2010)

12. Retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors. (Comscore, August 2010)

13. 58% of business people watch videos to find information on products they wish to buy. (IDG)

14. After watching a video 46% of business people visited a vendor website or contacted a vendor for more info. (IDG)

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Important facts about online video for businesses

video marketingHere are some Important facts about online video for businesses. You should think about them when creating your video marketing strategy for 2014

1. In November 2013, 189.2 million Americans watched 47.1 billion online videos with 26.8 billion total video ad views.
Source: Comscore

2. The number of US digital video viewers will rise by more than 22 million in the next for years, reaching 204.6 million in 2017.
Source: Emarketer

3. Cisco predicts that by 2017 internet video traffic will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic worldwide.
Source: Cisco
Online Video Marketing Is Not Just for Retailers

4. 403% An Australian real estate group reports that real estate listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without videos. In other words, real estate ads with videos generate quadruple the leads of those without videos.

According to Forbes Insight, that’s the percentage of senior executives who’d rather watch a video than read text. About 65% of those who view a video click through to visit the vendor website, 50% look for more information and 45% report that they contacted a vendor after seeing an online video ad. About 50% of those who viewed an online marketing video went on to make a purchase for their business.

5.Three out of five consumers will spend roughly two minutes watching a video that educates them about a product they plan to purchase and 37% will watch for more than three minutes. (Marketing Charts)

6.Retail sites with video content increase conversion by 46%. (Treepodia)

7. 75% of all videos shared are shared on Facebook. (Adobe)

8. Video has a viral reach of 77% on Facebook. (Adobe)

9. Online video provides up to a 90% conversion rate. (Flimp)

10. 70% of B2B business are using video as a marketing tactic. (Marketing Profs)

Get your online videos discovered

Adding some videos to YouTube is not enough. Your videos need to be discovered. Everything surrounding your video should bring viewers. Put as much data pertaining to your video, around your video so that it can be found. This means taking care of titles and descriptions with relevant text.

More than tips and tricks, you need to do some research on other videos with good viewership. Look for their content as well as how they use titles and descriptions and tags.

Never forget that to be successful with online videos, you need to master business storytelling. Don’t just give tips, tell a story.

Ask why people would watch your show or video. Usually people watch your show because they feel a connection, there is some involvement they can relate to or they want to be entertained to escape reality.

Don’t get fooled by marketers telling you videos should be short. The video should be as long as the content quality is good without repetition. Long form videos online are on the rise. according to comScore, average video length is now 6.4 minutes and rising.

We go for long formats. BuzzBooster Tv is usually around 15 minutes long and Spill the Beans goes for 35 min. Our focus is connected TV where it is natural that people will go for longer formats but our viewership on YouTube is pretty decent. Plus if you want to monetize your videos, long format will help you.

Video Is The Fastest Growing Mobile Application: 2/3rds Of All Mobile Data In 2015

Another great post from ReelSeo.
Here are some key points:

Due to rapid uptake of tablets, smartphones and the expected superphones, they predict that mobile video will account for some 4.65 exabytes of traffic per month in 2015.
Video was 49.8% of mobile data at the end of 2010 and Cisco believes it will grow to 52.8% this year and be 66.4% in 2015.

Remember, YouTube delivers over 200 million video views per day to mobile devices. Cisco VNI forecast shows that mobile video has the highest growth rate of any application category.

If you’re pushing video content out via the Interwebs and want to keep your audience growing and connected to your content, you will need to make sure that your video is available via all manner of mobile devices. Services like’s new – (which I wrote up) are certainly going to help you keep atop all of that but you are going to make sure that you are ready for the deluge of mobile video demand. Tablets, Android, iOS, iPads, smartphones and superphones are all going to help fuel this growth. Make sure you video is ready to go.

Crowd Accelerated Innovation

Jove is a site that invites scientists to post their research in video. Show instead of describing. Will this guide to scientific advances? Probably yes.
One person speaking can be seen by millions and create laugh, desire, share knowledge. Online video bringing face to face communication, community and sharing ideas. This phenomenon is known as Crowd Accelerated Innovation. A new way of learning. We as business owners need to understand all the possibilities of new media beyond leads and sales. We can make a difference

YouTube Marketing Tips – Using Annotations

Another tips from Reelseo that you might enjoy about video marketing.

YouTube thinks you should use annotations (those little colored note bubbles that pop up while a video is playing) to help your viewers know what their post-viewing options are. You can send them to another of your videos with a simple link—maybe the next part in the series or something—or you can solicit feedback. Annotations are versatile, and the point YouTube is making is that videos using annotations have higher success rates in keeping viewers engaged longer and driving traffic to more of the creator’s clips.

annoying annotations 300×160 YouTube Marketing Tips For Partners: Use Annotations & Playlists To Get More ViewsDon’t overdo it, though. Which is easier to do than you think. Too few annotations, and you’re not offering viewers enough routes to your other content. Too many… and you’re giving them information overload. There’s no magic formula, but YouTube recommends 3-5 annotations per video as a rule of thumb. The image to the right is an example of what is clearly wayyy too many annotations:

Another great tip they offer with regard to annotations is to be transparent. Don’t disguise links so that the viewer ends up somewhere other than where you told them they would go. Misleading the viewer is bad for the customer/creator relationship. And considering YouTube’s parent company, Google, and their long-standing rule against disguising web-content, and you might infer that YouTube is saying your video might even be penalized for spamming users too much.

Lastly – think about being creative with your annotations from a production standpoint. I’ve seen some real interesting videos where the owner clearly considered the annotations when they were actually creating/producing the video. As an example, at the end of your video, you can literally film yourself pointing to annotations and directing users to click on the annotations….. The following is a video that shows another way that this can be done.

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