Get your online videos discovered

Adding some videos to YouTube is not enough. Your videos need to be discovered. Everything surrounding your video should bring viewers. Put as much data pertaining to your video, around your video so that it can be found. This means taking care of titles and descriptions with relevant text.

More than tips and tricks, you need to do some research on other videos with good viewership. Look for their content as well as how they use titles and descriptions and tags.

Never forget that to be successful with online videos, you need to master business storytelling. Don’t just give tips, tell a story.

Ask why people would watch your show or video. Usually people watch your show because they feel a connection, there is some involvement they can relate to or they want to be entertained to escape reality.

Don’t get fooled by marketers telling you videos should be short. The video should be as long as the content quality is good without repetition. Long form videos online are on the rise. according to comScore, average video length is now 6.4 minutes and rising.

We go for long formats. BuzzBooster Tv is usually around 15 minutes long and Spill the Beans goes for 35 min. Our focus is connected TV where it is natural that people will go for longer formats but our viewership on YouTube is pretty decent. Plus if you want to monetize your videos, long format will help you.

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