The rise of Web Series

We’ve been speaking on this topic in most of our speaking engagements and telling people what a great opportunity this is for small businesses as part of their small business marketing strategies.

Now Blip Tv and Dynamic logic have provided some data on the viewership of Web TV series.

According to the research, cable TV is seeing viewing drop off in this particular demographic ( viewers) of around 9% compared to six months prior and that same demographics is watching around 26% more online video (via PC), 19% more on mobile devices and 18% more on video consoles.

Original online video content is replacing the standard TV watching time. The most common time to watch online web series is 8-11pm with 6-8pm just behind it.
banner ads were reported as being most favorable for original web series viewers (35%).
Pre-rolls came in second with just 15% stating they preferred them which means that those mid-rolls that some places are so fond of probably aren’t all that popular.
the average viewer of a web series is 33-years-old, college-educated (60%) and almost evenly divided between men (51%) and women (49%).

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