7 Ways a Podcast or Web Show Can Increase Your Business

Sometimes it’s the unexpected things that can truly revolutionize a business.

Most of the time when we think about getting the word out about our business and engaging more with existing customers, we think of traditional and proven methods like

advertising. Very often we tend to see less and less results and more and more expenses going towards ads. Advertising has changed massively over the last decade and the next

5 years are not going to be any different.

Maybe you tried a little of social networks and saw no results either. Very time consuming, hard to track and quite often disappointing.

A basic testament to any human existence are the five senses: sight, hear, touch, taste and smell. Such senses are ideal to appeal to when selling products online.


Appealing to all the human senses helps to engage emotions and, ultimately, influence a

purchasing behavior. Kissmetrics, for example, indicates that 96 percent of first time site

visitors won’t return. It is essential to create a ‘boomerang’ effect!

If we choose to focus on one of these senses: Hearing or Sight – audio or video podcasts

­ we are more likely to engage the audience.


Let’s see how a video or audio podcast can help your business:

 1. Traffic generation ­ A podcast can drive massive traffic to your site.

2. Build real relationships with your audience ­ podcasts have a way of building

relationships without the two parties ever actually interacting. It may be a one-
sided medium, but the feeling you get after hours of listening to a person talk is one of friendship.

3.Increased conversions – People know that they are not being “sold” but rather “encouraged.”

4. It is way more targeted and you can get the numbers of how many of those people are listening to your show every day.

5. You have the ability to instantaneously make products that your people want –  which puts money in the bank straight away.

6.The influential connections that you can make by having a podcast has got to be up there among the biggest advantages.

7. Having a podcast is a brilliant platform to allow you to get on stage and create a business out of speaking.


I know that idea about creating an audio or video podcast can be daunting because it sounds complicated, but it is not. It is a simple process and the investment is really low.

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Emerging TV viewer types

Emerging TV viewer types

“Professional” Critics

Middle-age professionals,
successful and digital savvy, have
limited time and demand quality.
Characterized by their skepticism,
interest in keeping up with media
& pop culture and drawn to
immersive story driven, and
cerebral shows.

Young Digital Nomads

Born into “get what I want – when
I want it” media landscape, these
college age and 20-something’s
are much more likely to go ’off
the grid’, snacking on TV media
clips, viewing online or through
alternative viewing means (laptop,
Netflix, Hulu, Roku, etc.)

Social Seekers

Digital and broadcast TV worlds
are more seamless for these
viewers, who seek programming
that can connect them with
others, either in person or online
– all to create an immersive,
social and sometimes escapist

Time Fillers

Heavily engaged with TV
programming and online

entertainment information, these
viewers put television at the
center of their universe, but
appear to remain more on

tv viewers

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The rise of Web Series

We’ve been speaking on this topic in most of our speaking engagements and telling people what a great opportunity this is for small businesses as part of their small business marketing strategies.

Now Blip Tv and Dynamic logic have provided some data on the viewership of Web TV series.

According to the research, cable TV is seeing viewing drop off in this particular demographic (Blip.tv viewers) of around 9% compared to six months prior and that same demographics is watching around 26% more online video (via PC), 19% more on mobile devices and 18% more on video consoles.

Original online video content is replacing the standard TV watching time. The most common time to watch online web series is 8-11pm with 6-8pm just behind it.
banner ads were reported as being most favorable for original web series viewers (35%).
Pre-rolls came in second with just 15% stating they preferred them which means that those mid-rolls that some places are so fond of probably aren’t all that popular.
the average viewer of a web series is 33-years-old, college-educated (60%) and almost evenly divided between men (51%) and women (49%).