YouTube Marketing Tips – Using Playlists

This is part of a post by Reelseo that I think you guys would benefit from.

You’ve probably seen playlists in action. Many of you have likely created one for yourself. And YouTube thinks you should all be using them, because Playlists are fantastic ways to guide your new viewers through your content the way you prefer them to experience it. You can help them discover older videos they might have missed or highlight your personal greatest hits.

Here’s a real great nugget you might not have known: Playlists are indexed separately from individual videos. Which means that you double your chances of a video being found through search if you have it in a playlist. Outstanding. (Don’t forget to add the proper metadata to your playlist to increase its chances of being found!).

They also recommend creating themes to build your playlists around—rather than just lumping a bunch of unrelated videos together in a list. Good tip. Even if you have straggler videos that you want to roll into a playlist to try and get more attention, you’ve got to be sensible about how you group your playlist vids together if you want them to have the maximum impact.

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