YouTube myths

Lots of talk about online videos and how they play on YouTube.

Here are a few YouTube Myths:

1. Your videos need to have millions of views and be viral
You have a target audience, and if you can make videos with great content showing what you’re about to the right people, you don’t need a viral video. You only need the amount that makes your business profitable. Much more important than the number of views is interaction from viewers.

2. Videos need to be funny
No really, a good “how to” video or in dept information can be a lot more engaging. By the way, the highest number of searches on YouTube goes to “how to” videos.

3. Only kids watch YouTube
Wake up and stop using age as an excuse for inaction.
Did you know that YouTube reaches 20 million Females aged 35-54? That’s more 19 million more than Oprah’s website.

4. People just want to be entertained.
There is a reason why YouTube is the second biggest search engine on Earth. When people are not sure of what they need or want they go to YouTube to research.
How to videos are searched 3 times more than music videos.

5. Making online videos are difficult and expensive
any camera will do, even your cell phone. Just comb your hair and you are good to go.
What really matters is the quality of the content.

Just do it and you will see results.

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