Twitter Trivia

I got this from a presentation by Corey Condello and thought it would be useful to my readers:


*Retweet serves 2 important functions
allows you to post another user’s tweet to your followers
it makes sure you give credit to the original tweeter

* 2 ways to retweet
Click the retweet button on the original tweet
add RT@ with the Twitter name to your post

*what is a Dm?

A direct message is a private Twitter message.

*2 ways to send a DM
Click on the Direct Message button on the sidebar of the user’s profile

* D+@username + message in the tweet box


*Hashtags (#) help categorize tweets. You can add a hashtag to any tweet
*When someone searches for that hashtag, they will see your tweet.

Twitter Lists:

*They allow you to organize your followers into groups
*The lists that you follow show up in your sidebar
*You can create a list by clicking on the “New List” button.

Use to shorten urls.

#FF stands for “Follow Friday”. On Fridays you can post a tweet that suggests people to follow. This is a way to help your favorite tweeters to gain more followers.

Place the @ symbol before the username so that it will link to the user’s profile.

Creating a bridge between offline and online

I’ve pasted below a post from on a promotion Starbucks is launching.

It is exciting to see how offline businesses can benefit from technology to market their businesses. What is not exciting is looking at all the small businesses that could do the same but just keep waiting to jump and try new ways of promoting their business until it is too late.

Foursquare is one way to bridge an offline business with online technology, but there are other things small business should look into like the QR codes.

These codes are an amazing bridge between offline media and online media and businesses in the US should be using them more. After all they can be easily created, can be free and be very effective. You might not be using it, but remember, you are not your audience.

Here is the post I mentioned earlier:

Facebook may be teaming with McDonald’s, but Foursquare refuses to be outdone in adding big brands to its portfolio. Starbucks is increasing their partnership with Foursquare by offering a mayor special at select locations across the US from May 17 through June 28. Mayors will receive $1 off a Frappuccino beverage by showing the unlock screen on their phone to the barista.

Starbucks is a frequent experimenter in the social media space, with a heavy presence on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, Foursquare and Starbucks have previously teamed to offer the Barista badge to users who check in to five or more Starbucks locations. At that time the NY Times’ Bits Blog reported Starbucks was excited about Foursquare because “it’s where the intersection between digital and physical starts to get interesting,” said Chris Bruzzo, vice president for brand, content and online at Starbucks. “Starbucks loves that, because we’re always looking for that intersection, which we think is the evolution of social networks.”

The biggest problem I see with this initiative is that Starbucks employees are not prevented from holding the mayorship of their stores. For instance, at one local Starbucks the mayor is an employee with 40 checkins over the past two months. It would be almost impossible for an honest-to-goodness customer to become mayor of that venue and unlock the mayor special. Starbucks has claimed most of their stores as the owner, but they haven’t added any of the local employees as staff, which would prevent them from holding the mayorship.

Starbucks becomes the largest major national chain to offer a mayor special nationwide. Partnering with Starbucks will certainly help propel Foursquare use into the mainstream as users at more than 11,000 locations will be exposed to the Foursquare concept for an extended period of time.

The age of personal branding

The age of personal branding

We are living in the age of personal branding. What most people don’t get is that this is not only related to solopreneurs, coaches and speakers, it is also related to companies.

Personal branding is when you put your unique personality, or the personality of your business in your marketing, giving you a big advantage over your competition.

Every business today needs to have a strong personality not only to stand out but also to create a following. We don’t need more of anything and we certainly do not talk about things that are not worth talking about.

Personal branding should broadcast a clear and unique message that would distinguish you from your competitors. It also mix company facts and traits with the human side.

In order to build your personal brand you need to answer a few questions:

1-     What do you do better and different than your competition? (price and quality is a given and don’t count here)

2-     Who is your ideal audience?

3-     What are the characteristics you want to be know for?

4-     Do you have interesting stories to tell?

5-     How are you going to tell these stories? Which channels, how often?

Here is where you can use and abuse from social media tools. Share ideas, educate and give them reasons to trust you, your products and services.. Remember, if people are not buying from you is either because the message is not clear, it is not good or they don’t trust you.

Remember that your prospects and clients don’t like to be interrupted, shouted of harass with sales pitches, so be careful not to confuse a good story with a sales pitch.

Your prospects will see you as you present yourself or your company. Respect your prospects. If you want them to trust you, you need to help them get to know you and demonstrate that you are someone who can help them solve their problems.

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