Americans watching more online videos

Gaining its share of some of this increased internet audience, the online video market continued to gain
momentum in 2010, with an average of 179 million Americans watching video each month, according to a
new white paper from comScore. Engagement levels also rose during the year, with viewers watching online
videos more frequently.
Americans also spent about 12% more hours viewing online video in 2010 (14.2) compared the prior year
(12.7) due to increased content consumption and more video ad streams. The average American streamed a
record 201 videos in December 2010, up 8% from 187 a year earlier.

77% goes to Youtube while 3.1% goes to Hulu

Did I mentioned all businesses should be using online videos in their social media marketing efforts. Let me say that in different words: Small business marketing needs to contain online videos.

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