Attraction marketing with online videos

Do you still need to be convinced in using online videos to attract more clients and sales?

I’ve compiled some more facts to you:

Online video marketing will help you a lot with traffic generation since some videos will rank in the search engines. People watching videos in different video sharing sites will also visit your site.

Because they rank in search engines, they will help you with search engine optimization.

Online video marketing will help you create more visibility across different social networks.

They will allow you in mobile marketing too.

Not to mention they create awareness for your brand and position you as an expert.

85% of the US population watches videos online.

There are over 79 different places where you can submit a video. Of course YouTube is the big player in this market.

Here a few more things on YouTube:

43% of US population watch videos on YouTube.

YouTube has 144 million viewers and 1/3 are americans.

The average person watches on average 100 videos a month, that is about 15 minutes a day.

YouTube provides content in 60 days in the same amount that took TV 60 years.

When you submit a video to YouTube you can at the same time post on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace etc.

Isn’t this the best time for you to start attracting more clients with online videos?

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  1. I totally agree. In addition you can use services like tubemogul, or traffic gayser to distribute one video to A LOT OF video sharing sites, including youtube. And you can do that with just a couple clicks, very powerful.

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