Social media trap?

I was reading a very interesting blog post from Leo Laporte  Buzz Kill and couldn’t help thinking “My feelings exactly”.

It is so disappointing when you believe in one tool, spend time on it to see later no one  is listening. There are two points here that we need to discuss. First like Leo mentioned, he neglected his own  blog for shining tools. This happens with most of us. Neglect our own media channels to waste time with other tools. We should pay a lot of attention to media outlets we can have more control like our blogs, podcasts, videos shows. Use other tools like Twitter and Facebook to promote our channels, not just talk there. Second, the fact that we have thousands of followers and friends does not mean they are paying attention to us. We find ourselves talking to people excited to connect and not interested in paying attention. Goldfish that cannot pay attention over 9 seconds and this is a sad thing.

So, my suggestion is: have media channels where you can control your message and take good care of them. Use other tools with a strategy behind it and as support tools to broadcast your message. Don’t waste time trying to become a popular cheerleader and don’t overvalue tools that might not be here a year from now.

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