Blog World and New Media Expo #bwela

Blog World expo is still one of my favorite events. We just finished 3 days of sessions, parties and network and are now waiting for Streaming Media tomorrow.

The best thing about Blog World is by far networking. It is a unique chance to deepen relationships and talk to some amazing bloggers and podcasters.

On the trade show, we had a chance to talk more with Blubrry and what can be done to get more exposure to Web TV shows.  They offer a great option for show hosts. Their Wordpmass plugin helps a lot podcasters.

I was really excited about a WordPress plugin that helps you with SEO while you are writing the posts. ThinkLink is another cool plug-in.

We did quite a few interviews on the trade show that we’ll share with you later at the BuzzBooster Show

I did attend some great sessions related to business in social media, Jason Falls did a cool presentation, there was a panel on getting sponsors for podcasts that was really informative. Sessions on YouTube were also great but the best was the YouTubers meetup. I felt cool just being there. Interview with Julie Perry will follow on our show. The kimono session was by far my favorite with Jay Baer. Very informative, good content and interactive.  The keynote from Ford was actually very interesting showing how a big company is using social media.

I’m not sure if the titles for the session were good. They were clever but didn’t say much about the content. I know that last year I got home from BlogWorld and bought the virtual ticket so I could see the sessions we missed. This year I didn’t because I’m not sure if I missed something important.

Titles are headlines that need to make people take action. I would also specify if sessions were basic or advanced. Heard a lot of people saying they didn’t know which sessions were for them.

I’m really not a fan of panels at BlogWorld. They tend to be a mix of jokes and not a lot of content. The exception was the one about getting sponsors for podcasts that was very good.

The parties were all fun, at least the ones we attended.

BlogWorld is a unique event with a very diverse crowd which contributes to the conversation and experience.

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