Marketing with business cards

Business cards are often one of the most underutilized tools in one’s marketing. Use the front and back of your business card to gain full benefit. Depending on your market you can put some very valuable information on the back such as a sports schedule, emergency numbers, or special dates people want to remember.

Keep some in your wallet, your automobile, on your desk, and some at home. Be sure to carry them with you wherever you go and be willing to hand them out as opportunity presents itself.

Creatively distribute your card. When you eat out you can leave one with the tip. If you borrow a library book, use one as a book mark. Hand them to clerks in stores who may know other people who could use your product or service.

When someone gives you their business card be sure to enter their information in your database. Send them a short note or email within 48 hours of meeting them to keep your name fresh in their mind.

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Make your business newsworthy

The media is always looking for newsworthy stories. There are countless ways to make your business newsworthy. Here are a few recommendations:

# Start an annual charity event.
# Become a leading expert.
# Tie what you do into a national story.
# Run a fun contest.
# Write a human interest story of how your product or service makes a
difference in people’s lives.
# Present information on how your company is helping the local economy.


A great way to gain visibility within your market is to write articles. You can easily post your articles on your website. Give them away rather than charge in order for people to sample your expertise.

Let people know the articles can be downloaded and used elsewhere as long as you are given full credit with a link back to your website. The more visibility you gain from your articles the more likely you will be to have magazine and newsletter editors asking to publish your works in their publications. Often they do not pay, but it is great free advertising for you.

Niche Markets and Videos

In business, we’ve learned that niche markets make it much easier to sell a product or service because we can group people based on profession, physical characteristics, and interests.

 For example, a dental supply salesman knows to target dentists and hygienists, and would not bother calling on a craft store.

On the web, a dog trainer knows they should target dog lovers, and if they’re really smart, they target owners of a specific breed of dog.

Anyone who sells anything to anyone online can harness the power of viral videos to get traffic to their website simply by targeting their videos at a specific audience and appealing to the same emotions that encourage people to pass along other viral videos.

The Spirit of Now

I know nothing is happening here lately. I’m not on vacation but we’ve been developing some new things for our company and at this moment time is not enough for everything. the good side is, change is happening and things are moving foward. Talking about time, a friend of mine sent this link of the world clock and I think you should take a look because it is really cool.
The World Clock

What is a Social Network

This video explains very well what are social networks. It was done by Commom Crafts.

Nielsen changing online media

Tomorrow, Nielsen/NetRatings will announce that they are no longer
judging the popularity of web sites based on the number of page
views. Instead, Nielsen will use a different metric, rating popularity by
how much time visitors spend at a site.
Interesting, they spotted a change in consumer behavior.
For example, if we read a blog, we might spend several minutes reading a couple of posts, using the time on something valuable, which is great but doesn’t translate into many page views.
The same would happen if you watch a 30 minute educational video. Valuable time spend by the visitor that doesn’t translate into many page views.
It may sound obvious to some, but it was not to the media.