Your brand needs to soar and captivate its audience

Your brand needs to soar and captivate its audience. You don’t do this by only being visible.
We live in the new media and social media age and everyone understands that as entrepreneurs we need to be everywhere all the time.

In this process we work to achieve digital visibility and forget about being relevant.

Doing this we just become part of the noise and do not create any contrast to be noticed.

Remember, the brain likes contrast and this contrast is what separates us from the crowd. You don’t create contrast just by being visible.

Your brand needs to soar and captivate its audience  

In order for your brand to soar and captivate an audience you need a few extra things:

  1. An irresistible promise- By paying attention to you what will people get as an emotional reward? What is your cause, your purpose that they should care about? If you don’t have this clear and don’t know how to put this message out, you will not be relevant to your audience.
  2. a unique voice- Clarity and consistency in your message and its unique way of delivering your message.
  3. Appeal points- This is how you are packaged as a brand, how you put your charisma out
  4. A platform- You need to create and own your own media. The platform is what gives you visibility with attention.
  5. Consistency.- Nothing done once works. This is even more important with digital marketing. To be top of mind you need to be in their minds. Constantly.

Without these steps you will not be able to have a brand that soars and captivates your audience and all efforts of using publicity will be very weak.

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