Make it Big With Celebrity Based Branding For Entrepreneurs

Why do you need to brand yourself as a celebrity in your field?

Because by being a celebrity in your field you will attract more clients, have a lot more price elasticity for your services, become the go to expert and you will face less competition.

Businesses that succeed today are personality driven businesses. The buyer wants to connect with a person that they know, like and trust.

You can keep hiding behind your e-mail or social media sites but nothing will help you make it big as celebrity branding.

There is a simple formula to brand an entrepreneur as a celebrity. Only 3 steps:

  1. Personal Appeal- Your message, your promise, your unique voice and enhance your charisma points. Is your message clear enough? do you really know who you should be talking to? What is your irresistible promise to your market, the one that talks to them on an emotional level? Are the key points of your personality highlighted in your marketing? Do you have a unique way of communicating with your audience?
  2. Your Proprietary System. How you approach the solution to a problem in a very unique way. No matter what you do, you solve a problem to your audience. Do you have a specific way of doing it? Do you have your own system that you can market?  The way you deliver solutions need to have your own flavor and rituals.
  3. Your Platform- How you choose to put your voice out in a consistent way that gets a lot of visibility and attention. Visibility with attention needs to be your goal. Constant exposure using online and offline media.

Being a celebrity in your field will bring more credibility to your business, more business and can be a lot of fun. It does not happen overnight, you need to dedicate some time but the results will be better than you ever imagined.

celebrity based branding

Your brand needs to soar and captivate its audience

Your brand needs to soar and captivate its audience. You don’t do this by only being visible.
We live in the new media and social media age and everyone understands that as entrepreneurs we need to be everywhere all the time.

In this process we work to achieve digital visibility and forget about being relevant.

Doing this we just become part of the noise and do not create any contrast to be noticed.

Remember, the brain likes contrast and this contrast is what separates us from the crowd. You don’t create contrast just by being visible.

Your brand needs to soar and captivate its audience  

In order for your brand to soar and captivate an audience you need a few extra things:

  1. An irresistible promise- By paying attention to you what will people get as an emotional reward? What is your cause, your purpose that they should care about? If you don’t have this clear and don’t know how to put this message out, you will not be relevant to your audience.
  2. a unique voice- Clarity and consistency in your message and its unique way of delivering your message.
  3. Appeal points- This is how you are packaged as a brand, how you put your charisma out
  4. A platform- You need to create and own your own media. The platform is what gives you visibility with attention.
  5. Consistency.- Nothing done once works. This is even more important with digital marketing. To be top of mind you need to be in their minds. Constantly.

Without these steps you will not be able to have a brand that soars and captivates your audience and all efforts of using publicity will be very weak.

Familiarity Breeds Likeability

Familiarity breeds likeability and that happens in milliseconds.

Familiar things makes feel better.

Therefore you need to keep your brand visible even when you think they are not paying attention. Like writing on your blog every week ;0)

Exposure is important and can cause a positive association later.

If you control an environment, keep your brand visible.

Find clever ways to be visible like Samsung that added charging stations in airports.



WalMart got is all wrong

I firmly believe the title above. In fact, I guess I could write a book about all the things that WalMart does it wrong.

Anyone remember when WalMart had a lounge on My Space? For people to hang out and connect? That became a joke amongst marketers because it was a big flop. No one wants to hang out around Wall Mart.

Wall Mart now is back to have cluttered isles, full of products, deal bins and tighter isles. They say this will attract more buyers because they can feel there are bargains to get. Wall Mart thinks clean environment with less clutter might be more comfortable to the client but makes them buy less.

Now, we know purchase decisions are mainly unconscious, happen on an emotional level and that because the brain uses about 25% of the body energy, it wants to save energy so it wants to pay attention to things that contrast with the environment, high visual appeal and a clear message.

When you have to search for bargains, the brain has to work hard. The emotional appeal it generates is low in contrast. It takes time and energy and makes the brain go into thinking. Well, thinking is counter productive to deciding.

When people buy from bargains they do because of the impulse of: What is in it for me. This is very strong for people but doesn’t make them want to buy from you.

Clutter  and chaos create an environment where your customers have to think too hard,  which is exhausting for the brain. They will do it if they have to, as long as  the perceived bargains and value are very high.

There are better ways to sell instead of exhausting your customers and make them waste time.

Make it easy for your customers to decide. Highlight the differences between you and your competition and have a clear message.



Attraction Marketing: Create an Irresistible business

Creating an irresistible business

You heard this one before: People are overwhelmed with information. Not only that, due to the recession, people are more anxious and more resistant to buy. They know we all have too much stuff and we don’t need more “stuff”.

If your services or products are seeing as “stuff” you are in trouble.

Add to this mix the fact that we are all ADD and just don’t pay attention anymore. In fact the average American adult has an attention span of 9 seconds. This is the same as a goldfish.

Yes, we are all selling to gold fish and they swim away really fast.

Combine the fact that people are not paying attention to the fact that they don’t want anything that is ordinary, that looks like more stuff and you find the reason why so many businesses are suffering.

The gold rush today is to get attention and to be found. Getting attention is difficult if you position yourself as a commodity. In fact, you need to work on your business and turn it into an irresistible business. A business that people notice, talk about and want to be a part of.

I know it looks like a complicated and expensive task but I can assure you this is not the case.

There are 7 components you need to make sure you have in your business and you will see how together they make your business irresistible to people, therefore attracting more and more clients with less effort on your part.

The components are:

1. Create an irresistible promise. A promise is not about how great you are but what do they get when buying from you. It needs to talk to an emotional level.
Ex: Disney promise is: The happiest place on Earth.

2. Unveil your core story. We as business owners need to master storytelling and need to have a story that will resonate with people. We need to be about something. People connect with companies that are about something they can relate to. Ex Thom shoes.

3. Find your unique voice. You need to find your voice in the crowd, need to show personality. Businesses that don’t have personality don’t do well in the new economy. you don’t need to please everyone, just the ones that would buy from you.
When marketing online choose a way to express your voice and become really good with the format. It can be audio, video or text. Ex: Innocent Drinks from the UK

4. Incorporate Mystery. Bring some suspense, tease with your audience. Leave some questions unanswered. The mind cannot live with unanswered questions, so they glue to you. Ex: The Coke formula

5. Become Uberpresent. Businesses today need to be everywhere. They need to be where their audience is. This is where you can use social media marketing and automation to do the work for you. Don’t forget to create a strategy that will not only create awareness but also conversion. Most businesses fail here. They assume that because social media marketing is free and seens easy to use all they need to do is set up accounts and give some tips. There is a lot more here and you need to design a path for people to buy or for you to build a list.

6. Incorporate business rituals. People stick to businesses that have rituals. Just take a look at multilevel companies and churches. Decide how you too can incorporate some rituals. Can be as simple as having an assessment before talking to a prospect.

7. Increase trust. You need to do everything you can to increase the level of trust with clients and prospects. People don’t buy if they don’t believe. Using testimonials is a good start.

These 7 components can change the face of your business and will create loyal customers and advocates that will spread the word about your business. To implement this system takes some brain power and testing but doesn’t cost money and will make all your marketing and advertising efforts more effective. Attracting clients is not about the tools you use but about the message you send.