Consumer Behavior facts

Did you know?

  • Color increases brand recognition by 80%. Brand recognition direct links to consumer confidence. red, orange, black and royal blue attract impulse buyers


  • People go to Facebook to find out 2 things: does someone want to be my friend, and can I express myself?
  • They post on Facebook to do 2 things: to get others to appreciate them, or support them. 

  • 70% of people only use their tablet at home

  • 85% of all brand purchases are made by women.

  • 75% of consumers buy nothing (or buy less) if there are not enough employees at the store.

  • Over 30% of consumers are purchasing luxury goods to reward themselves

  • 28% of luxury consumers said they got a good deal through Facebook or Twitter or a blog.

  • Consumers will watch videos 60% of the time they find them on retail sites

  • 66% of consumers will watch a video twice if it is informative.


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