The Art of NeuroMagnetism

First let me tell you what is NeuroMagnetism
NeuroMagnetism is a combination of strong self-positioning with NeuroMarketing. It helps the individual or company become desirable to the market and to inspire the desired reaction in person’s perception as deeply as possible.

Neuromarketing is a new field of marketing research that studies consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli.

Sounds complicate but this shows you ways to hit the consumer’s brain buy buttons.

In one sentence, it is the art to inspire desire because desire leads to action.

NeuroMagnetism goes beyond this and beyond persuasion because it also deals with your brand identity and how you are  perceived.

Why is this the age of NeuroMagnetism?

Old models of selling like AIDA- Attention- Interest- Desire- Action struggle in a world where adults have an attention span of less than 9 seconds.
A much better way is to understand NeuroMagnetism, become irresistible to an audience and  have the approach of Feel- Think- Do which shortens significantly the sales cycle.

The important part to understand is that there is a process you need to follow in order to get results. It is not about a bunch of tips on how you influence people.

I do relate this process to being a secret agent because if you stop to think about it, there are many commonalities.

The steps are:

  1. Embrace your identity. You have to be aligned with your mission in marketing and in sales. The right mindset helps a lot as does the way you position yourself in front of prospects and customers.

2.Canvas the area. There is always a conversation already taking place in the mind of the consumer and it is your job to figure what is going on and what is wrong.- Find the pain

3.Infiltrate: Once you have the key points you should engage in that conversation, create connections and lead the process.

4.Reveal the assets– Here is where you show your value, show possibilities and solutions. What they gain by working with you. Show the gain.

5.Covert close– Where the sales happens without strong calls to actions and most of the time, the prospect will ask for the purchase.

This process can be applied to a number of scenarios but has always to be applied in marketing messages, copywriting and negotiations. All sales scenarios

If you’d like to go deeper in this topic, watch our webinar on NeuroMagnetism

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