Don’t let prospects multi task

I go to a lot of networking meetings. Most of the time I try to convince myself that it is not a waste of time. Unfortunately most meetings revolve around a meal and food distracts. The brain pays attention to one thing at a time and food is really interesting to us, therefore those meetings can be very ineffective when you are trying to get people’s attention. Unless you pay attention to NeuroMarketing.

Neuroscientists compare our attention focus to shining a spotlight on something: We see what is lit and we lose focus on everything else.

Marketers need to be sure they have their focused target’s attention where they want it.

Don’t let your customers multitask when you need their attention on your message.

One way to get people’s attention is to use motion. If something moves, the audience follows the movement. It is part of our survival skills. Point to your products when you present.

If your audience is distracted with food, use bigger motions to snap their attention.


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