How to male a Social media marketing campaign work

Everywhere you look you find companies and professionals trying to make their social media marketing efforts work and not seeing results. What possibly can they be doing wrong? At least at some point they attended a guru’s presentation, teleseminar or even a social media conference and heard: You have to be transparent, you have to be real! Well, they are transparent and real and still no return on their investment.
Here are a few ideas you need to take into consideration in your social media campaign that will help you get more traction with your audience, increase the level of trust and re-purpose content:
1. If you have a blog, re-purpose the content into a weekly video show or podcast. You will reach different audience and not have to work hard to reach this audience. Think of content as content and allow people to consume this content in different formats.
2. Weekly newsletter- The focal point here is to be constant and not if you want html or text only. Provide content people can use and see results and balance promotional calls. Send one at least once a month. Newsletters are a reliable source of leads and referrals.
3. When blogging invite people to leave comments, ask a question and when they interact, don’t forget to respond.
4. Interact with influencers. Who are the influencers in your industry? Do they have blogs, are they on Facebook? How about building some relationship here leaving comments on their blogs, like their comments on Facebook etc.
5. Don’t create more obstacles. Every day you will hear about something that is working. Use common sense. People are using pop ups to get names and e-mails? Good for them! But notice that usually you will lose 50% of your visitors after you show them the pop-up and they could be good prospects or refer someone else to you. Video only pages are converting well? Very good. By using this strategy you are leaving 15 million visually impaired people out of your funnel just in the US.

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