Making an Impact With Your Brand

BusinessWeek Online recently published an article on How to Build Brand Friendship. They said that To create a truly powerful brand, you need to establish a sense of belonging, friendship, and dependability between product and customers.

I agree with that, especially in today’s world where the consumer participates and engages in our businesses on a whole different level.

A little while ago we interviewed Jim Banister author of Word of Mouse (if you’re a Buzz Inner Circle member you may listen to the interview here) One of the things I like about Jim is that he often stresses that in our businesses we must create engines of engagement.

So my question to you is this: in your business how are you engaging your clients and prospects? How are you making them producers of your business? As producers they feel a sense of commitment and of belonging, and as Steve McKee mentions, that’s a crucial step in creating a powerful brand.

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