Regular and Interesting Contact is a Key to Success

How do you maintain contact with your clients and prospects? Sure you can have the usual emails they can sign up for, but why not have something that a lot of companies do not have… a printed newsletter?

This is no normal newsletter; it’s a quarterly or monthly newspaper style professional high quality publication. Yes, it can be a bit of an investment. However, I’m sure that it pays off – we do it in our business, and we wouldn’t continue to publish it if it didn’t.

Your newsletter may feature letters from customers, articles related to all aspects of your industry, testimonials, insider secrets, industry announcements, tips and so on. Also, in each issue why not feature your products and services available for ordering? You definitely want a call to action in there.

Remember though, make it so that your clients look forward to each new issue with a passion. Yes, with a passion…

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