Why WEb TV for business?

Let’s compare traditional TV with Web Tv first

Traditional TV

Limited region where shows can be seen.
Limited to one type of screen.
Content has to remain broad and general.
Targets mass audience
Not interactive. Communication is one-way.
Shows are broadcast on a fixed schedule.
Commercials bombard viewers every few minutes

Web TV
Content can be designed for niches and sub-niches
Targets your ideal client
Can be watched in different types of screens: TV, Tablets, Phones, Computer
Easy and fun interaction between viewers and presenter
On demand access, for the convenience of the viewer
Few commercials
No geographic boundaries, they can be viewed anywhere.
Any industry can have a Web Tv show.
You can have several streams of income with your show.
No super high fees to have your show everywhere.

Plus with our system of Web TV show, you will be broadcasted through traditional tV as well.
Web Tv shows are the best way for you to become an icon in your industry and guess what? Not everyone is doing the same.

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