Improve your website

Take a look at your website and web advertising.  Ask yourself some clear questions:

Are my ads designed to get users to click on them, or to try a direct sale of a product?

Am I spending money on keywords that the demographic I seek uses to search for my product?

Am I sending the advertising link to context sensitive pages within my site that provide real value to the user when they click through?

Once the user has clicked through – does my site have a clear call to action and the EASY and FAST ability to contact me for direct results on that call to action?

Is my site easy to navigate so that you can find the information you want and need once you are on the site?

Is my contact information clearly shown IN TEXT (not a graphic) on every single page of my site?

New SEO changes

Here is another episode of BuzzBooster TV.

This week we discuss Penguin and changes in SEO and what you need to do to rank well with your website and the best in small business marketing.


Why you need to pay attention to connected tv

The landscape is changing, new opportunities are here for business owners looking for effective advertising.

This study was done by Tremor Video. he researchers recruited 1,010 video viewers from across the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 54. All respondents said they viewed video weekly on a smartphone, tablet or connected TV.

By the way, we are all about TV everywhere and have a channel on connected tvs.  Ask for a midia kit.

Tv is everywhere now, what about you?

People today can watch videos and shows everywhere. Is your business following this trend?

Catch ’em just as they’re clicking.

As TV programming evolves to be smarter, more available and interactive, consumers are taking an active role in searching and watching on their own terms. They are viewing recorded content and fast forwarding through ads. Or, they’re skipping traditional TV in favor of web-based content delivered to different devices.

They choose content right in front of their tvs using over-the-top boxes like Roku, blueray players by Samsung or smart Tvs.
This is only going to grow more and more because as consumers we are interested in very specific topics and want to get relevant content only. Something traditional Tv ran away from trying to appeal to the masses.
Behavior has changed and they way people consumer information is switching to connected TVs.

Shows on very specific topics to a very specific audience. Yes, numbers are very different because these shows are not targeting mass audience but relevant audience.

Now, you as a business, how valuable it is to talk to your ideal client only?
This is also very cost effective when compared to other models of advertising.

The best part is that in our case you are also reaching 3 different audiences with one ad.

Let me explain:

Our Web Tv shows are streamed online on places like YouTube, and Vimeo. This reaches the online audience researching information and entertainment.Online video viewers will reach 169.3 million in 2012

The shows are syndicated on Itunes as video podcasts. Itunes has 160 million users, all of them buyers. Studies show that Itunes attracts an educated audience, mostly male with a year income over $75,000.00

Our shows get syndicated through our Roku channel- (one of those over-the-top-boxes) called Buzz and Biz and to the Samsung blueray players and Boxee and Yahoo Tv (on smart tvs). This is the same audience that buys from infomercials and watch tv series.

The rise of smart phones, game consoles and over-the-top (OTT) boxes means that Internet video has passed the early adopter phase and is officially mainstream 

And the shows go on our Buzz and Biz channel app for Android and Aple devices: Tablets and phones. Mobile internet users will reach 113.9 million in 2012, up 17.1% from 97.3 million in 2011

Mobile buyers will reach 37.5 million in 2012

So, one ad, 3 different audiences of potential buyers.

What other type of advertising or sponsorship can you do that accomplishes the same with one shot and all recipients make ideal clients?

At the same time all shows and sponsors are promoted on our channel site and on social media environments such as Facebook and Twitter.

What do you get out of it?

We can start with brand awareness:

You may get more likes on your Facebook page

Brand graphics shows the value at over $136 per LIKE. If you get 1,000 likes, that has a value of $136,000.

If your ad sends them to an ethical bribe, you get leads that will become sales.

You can send them to a product and generate sales.

A recent report by JD Power found that video audiences are fast transitioning onto mobile devices this side of the Atlantic as well. Overall, 29% of video service customers watch paid content on a mobile device, the study found. By comparison, 39% of respondents watch paid video on their Mac/Windows PCs, down significantly from 48% in 2011. 

As a Web Tv show sponsor, you will not be alone:

The number of video ads surpassed the 10 billion mark for the first time in May, reaching 10.1 billion, up from 9.5 billion in April. Hulu served up the most ads at 1.7 billion, followed by Google Sites at 1.4 billion and the ad network BrightRoll at 1.1 billion.

Successful monetization of video content online will become the difference between growing revenues and watching your business stagnate

The average number of sites that 70% of consumers visit is 20 and only about 16% of Internet consumers are trying new sites… if there are 158 million people watching video online today, you need to start thinking outside of the box to reach them.
This is the TV of tomorrow and today is when you need to start reaching this “tv everywhere” audience.
We have several Web Tv shows. Contact us for a media kit

INFOGRAPHIC: Welcome to the Digital Living Room: How is the TV Landscape Changing?

Great domains for sale

Good feng shui dictates that you need to be free of clutter.
If there are things in excess you should get rid of them.

Who am I to disagree with a 100 years old philosophy?

That is why I’m making available for sale some of the domains we have and are not using.

They are great domains and I bet they will have their potential fully realized in your hands.

A few days ago, I had the portfolio officially appraised by Godaddy,
and I’ve listed the price with each domain here as a guide for offers

Choose the domain you want from the list and send us an e-mail to
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Once your domain purchase has been confirmed, you’ll then be able to initiate a domain transfer from your own registrar. This typically takes 2-3 days at the most. If for some reason a domain is not available for immediate transfer (because of a recent renewal), I’ll point the domain(s) to the name servers of your choice.

The first list is for domains only, the second comes with a site.

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Social media marketing is the new SEO

Yes, we know we should be using social media marketing to engage and create a relationship with prospects and buyers but we cannot miss the fact that we need to be in search engines when people are looking for products and services we offer.
When buyers know what they want they go to search engines and you need to be there or your business will suffer.
Instead of investing hundreds of pounds a month for SEO wizardry, companies now will be forced to focus on the real, honest and authentic content that Social Networking and Blogs allow.

There were several changes related on how to optimize a site and many of the things you were already doing to bring people to your site are probably hurting you right now. For example, links.

I’m not going to go through the changes but want to show you how now, social media marketing is not optional anymore for businesses:

From now on, search engines will contain more and more social media mentions. Facebook, Twitter, Google plus profiles will have a bigger impact in search engines rankings. Share only relevant information on your networks to get attention.

The search engines now show results recommended by people in social networks. You can see how it works by searching for something while you are logged in and logged out. You will see 2 different results.

Quality content with one way will be of more importance in the future.

Work on rich snippets. This are the two lines after a title. This is very important and it provides people with a snippet of what they will see when they click.

Online videos are indexed by search engines and should be used.

Becoming a guest blogger will improve your ranks.

Mix content: Text, videos, pictures, presentations etc.

If you have filled out any social media profiles, this will improve your rankings: Google is now implementing an improved comprehensiveness of social media via 200 various public profile pages.

Things not to do:

Avoid money keywords when you create links
Stuff keywords on internal or external links
No longer rip content from one page and republish it on your own. Instead, this duplicate page content will be removed by Google.

Using mobile apps in your business as a small business marketing strategy

Most business owners I talk to still think that mobile marketing is only for offering coupons. It is rare that they see any other use for a mobile app. They do know about games but most also don’t see the benefit of one for their business. I’ll leave the game part out for today. I want to focus on the many things you could offer your customers by having an app.

There are major benefits of using a mobile app.
* First, the web is decentralizing. We are transitioning to use more cel phones and tablets. Just making a website mobile friendly doesn’t mean much although it is necessary.

*Second, an app can teach your audience to come back to you on a regular basis and this is huge because it is very difficult to do that, specially online. If they perceive you as a content provider and want to consume your information, they will come back to you but if they carry “you” in their pocket, you just made this a lot easier for them.

*Third, when someone clicks on an app and uses it, for that period of time they are giving undivided attention to your content. Another action that is really hard to happen online. As business owners we want attention and we want undivided attention.

So here are a few ideas:

In real estate:

Display available homes with pictures
Home buying or selling consultation form
Allow clients to view nearby schools, restaurants, churches
Push messages with new offers

Restaurants, clubs and bars:

Offer loyalty coupons
Available food ordering from your phone
Reserve seats
Full menu
Push messages with special offers or events
Include your event schedule

Law firms

Legal consultation form
Blog, videos and podcasts
send clients a one touch message
market to potential clients at the app store

Music bands:

Sell your songs though Itunes
Stream your videos and audios
Display concert schedules

Complete work guide
Track your record notepad
Full class fitness schedule
Send messages to your clients


Send donations
Prayer request
blog, videos and podcasts
Send messages directly to your members


Receive donations
Full event schedule
Send messages to sponsors

And there are many more things that can be done, including generating sales from the phone. We have also used as a training tool for distributors with some of our clients.

Mobile apps can be huge for your business and yes, you should be getting one. The investment is not high anymore and most business can afford building an app.

If you need more information on mobile apps for businesses, let us know.